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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hope for Brady again

Do you remember our "Hope for Brady" project??? Take a look at this post if you don't remember or you don't know about it: it's a charity project aimed at gaining some money to help little Brady, the autistic son of Michelle aka 4 My Babies Scraps, to do what he needs to learn to communicate. We had set up a huge collab including kits, QP's, bragbooks, tutorials, and many other items for this purpose... and now I want to let you know that it has been a success!!! Brady is VERY near to reach his goal, as they have reached 72% of the total amount they need!

  Thus, thank you to all who have contributed buying the items, and if some of you would like to still contribute, these are the links to buy:
Click her for the BIG buncdle: LINK
Click here for the kit by Michelle: LINK.
Please remember that after helping Brady, what will be collected will be used to help other autistic children and for the Autism Speaks Association!

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