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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Supreme Team contest at GoDigitalScrapbooking

I had applied to the Supreme Team contest at GoDigitalScrapbooking last week: it's a 4 rounds contest to choose their new creative team, I did not believe I would have gone far with it, but I was curious to test my capacities and to see where I could arrive... There were about 180 competitors, but at the end only 107 have posted their LO's, and the kit to work with was a sew themed kit by Tricia Curtis. I found it a real challenge to work with this kit because it is really suitable for those old old pictures of your parents... but I did not have old pictures, nor I have sew themed pictures... So I managed to use some pictures of my daughter I had converted to a sepia tone... and this was the result:

So, it seems I have been admitted to the second round of the contest! Now I can't wait to start with the second round, even if still I do not think I will go much further...

By the way, I suggest you to visit the contest gallery here: there are so many stunning layouts and it seems incredible how many different styles come out from a single kit!


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  1. stunning, no wonder you got through to the next round, congrats.....you design gorgeous layouts.....lets hope you go all the way, good luck....